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A six week journey exploring the Maiden, Warrior, Lover, Queen and Priestess Archetypes.

6th April - 11th May 2021
Next Dates TBA

" Such a powerful experience connecting with other women all there to lift up, encourage, respect and listen to other women. Gaia is a mature, wise, confident, and effective facilitator, who empowered us all to flourish. "
  • Each week we will work with a different archetype, exploring the light and the shadow, and specific themes related to them.

  • You'll be in a pod of 4 or 5 other women for the duration, who you'll get to share deeply with each week to form intimate connections.

  • There will be a mixture of embodied practices, such as movement and meditation, as well as sharing circles and rituals.

  • There will be some homework each week, usually in the form of some kind of ritual, for you to go even deeper into this work. This is optional but highly encouraged.

Week 1 - Opening Ceremony

Week one will be an introduction to the course, and overview of each of the archetypes, and a space for us to get to know each other and set our intentions for our time together.

Week 1 - Maiden

She who Bleeds

The maiden is all about youth, energy, new beginnings, innocence, joy, surrender, blossoming. I've chosen Persephone as the Goddess to represent the maiden, as her tale takes us into the underworld, and is really about initiation from child into woman.

In this session we will explore the sacred womb mandala which looks at menstruation as a cyclical process (like the seasons), and honours our cycle as something both primal and sacred.

This knowledge would have been shared with all young women entering menarchy, yet sadly for many thousands of years this has not been the case, and it's up to us to revive this wisdom and initiation for our children, and their children.

Week 3 - Warrior

She who Battles

The warrior is about boundaries, healthy expression of anger, will power, clear communication, justice. I've chosen Athena as the Goddess to represent the Warrior, as she is always very measured in battle. The shadow side of the warrior can be aggressive, hysterical, not really listening, clumsy, and she really shows us how to get what we want without too much forcing.

In this session we will explore how to tune in to our YES and our NO. How to get what we do want, and how to communicate what we don't want. We'll look at what happens when our boundaries are crossed, and what blocks us from feeling empowered to express ourselves.

We'll also connect in to our anger, and how this can be expressed healthily to keep the fire within us strong, as well as not letting that fire leak out in destructive ways.

Week 4 - Lover

She who Blossoms

The lover is about pleasure, sensuality, beauty, creativity, alchemy, ecstasy, playfulness, and surrender.
Aphrodite is our poster goddess for this archetype as she demonstrates how to activate our sensuality to inspire ourselves and others, whilst remaining sovereign and in control of our sacred life force.

In this session we'll explore our relationship to sex and sensuality, diving into some tools and techniques for spiritual intimacy, for you to practice at home and with loved ones. We'll discuss together parts of our sexuality that we find it hard to confront, and the shadows of the lover (manipulation).

I'll also be giving you some juicy homework in this session: self pleasure sex magic!

Week 5 - Queen

She who Believes

The Queen archetype is about sovereignty, responsibility, commitment, self worth, self belief and service. Hera will be the goddess to serve us in this session. She highlights to us the shadows of the queen, and helps us to avoid the trappings of pride, entitlement, and abuse of power.

This session will focus on how to hold ourselves accountable, and feel into what we are here for. To what or who are we in service? How can we use our power, agency and privilege to be of service to others? We'll be looking into what stops us being in our queen, examining stories of unworthiness, to let go of our baggage, and call forth what we truly want. 

This archetype helps us to take full responsibility for our experiences, and challenges to step up. Through self responsibility, comes sovereignty, comes true freedom.

Week 6 - Priestess

She who Bows

The Priestess archetype is about connection to spirit, honouring life, stillness, prayer, love, rooted, wisdom. We call forth Hestia to represent the priestess in this session, as her story shows the importance of tending the sacred fires within us, staying rooted and grounded, and being a real anchor in our communities.

In this session we'll look at Celtic ritual traditions. I'll give an overview of the wheel of the year, which covers the 8 major celebrations of the year according to Celtic mythology, and some ideas for land honouring rituals for you to take away and create in your own time.

This will feel like a full circle, as the wheel of the year closely relates to the sacred womb mandala from week 1. As the culmination of our course we'll do some reflective work, and share some of our own personal spiritual practices that keep us connected to source.