3 Months learning and practice of:
Ritual, Authentic Connection, Embodiment and Meditation


2nd Oct 2020 - 12th Jan 2021, Online, Tuesdays 7-10pm UK Time


Next dates will be Autumn 2021


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
- Marianne Williamson

This training is for womxn who are committed to their own journey of personal growth, and are ready to hold space for others to awaken to their power and true nature.

This journey has been designed for you to learn and practice a wide range of skills and techniques, form a tight knit community of femme leaders, and undergo your own process of letting go of doubt and fear to step into your power as a facilitator.

The Call


This is a wild calling to all womxn who have been touched by the healing magic of womxn’s spaces, to step into your power, and into a position of leadership that you know, deep down, is your path.

If you are hearing this call, and your heart is racing, or you feel a lump in your throat, your hairs are standing on end, then you are ready to offer yourself, in service to the sisterhood. 

Perhaps there is a voice inside that doubts that you can do this. The voice that keeps you small because, as Marianne Williamson so eloquently puts it:

“We ask ourselves

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world…

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we're liberated from our own fear,

Our presence automatically liberates others.”

About the Training


Skills Learning

This is a holistic and practical approach to facilitation that will equip you with skills in the four pillars of sacred embodiment:

  1. Authentic Connection: How to drop the masks and create intimacy.

  2. Ritual: What it means to create a sacred container for transformation.

  3. Embodiment: Expressing and processing through movement and voice.

  4. Meditation: Cultivating a relationship with our inner world.


Personal Growth

Through the process you will undergo your own journey of self discovery and liberation, that is an essential part of becoming a space holder. Learning the tools for transformation, we will apply them to work through blocks that are currently preventing you from fully owning your role as facilitator.



We will meet online weekly, to discuss content, experience practices related to certain themes, and form a tight community of committed, badass, femme facilitators. 

You will also have a smaller learning pod of 4-5 within which you can troubleshoot, share ideas, and keep each other accountable.

This part of the training is absolutely essential, and makes the whole experience way more fun and exciting.


Practice Group

You will be required to start your own circle with friends and family, for you to practice and experiment with the techniques introduced in this training.

We will experience a wide range of tools, from which you will be encouraged to develop your own unique style and offering. 

Experimenting with people you love and trust is an excellent way to find what works for you, and where you really shine. In this part we learn to befriend failure and find the courage to be bold and experimental.


Training Structure Overview


The Three Spirals

The training is split into three distinct Spirals across three months:

Spiral One: The Four Pillars
Spiral Two: Experimentation
Spiral Three: Leadership and Collaboration

Weekly Flow

Fridays: Video content to engage and experiment with. (10 - 30 mins)
Tuesdays: Live zoom gathering to discuss content and experience new practices together. 7-10pm UK time (3 hours)
Homework: Every week you will receive new homework based on the content. (Between 1 and 4 hours)

Training Modules in Detail


Opening Ceremony

Week 0: Fri 2nd October - 7-10pm UK Time 

Meeting and Intention setting

Spiral One: The Four Pillars

Week 1 - 4: Introduction to the four pillars of Sacred Embodiment

Spiral one will introduce all four pillars, through which we will work through internal blocks, and put in place goals and affirmations to support your journey.
We’ll be focusing on the basic foundational practices of each pillar. First experiencing, then unpacking how they work, why they are effective, and how to work with them in combination.
In this phase you’ll also be getting to know each other intimately, showing vulnerability, and building trust.

Week 1: Authentic Connection: Sharing circle 101 and deep enquiry practices

Week 2: Ritual: Fundamentals of ritual/ Fear and letting go

Week 3: Embodiment: Physical and Vocal Warm Ups and Affirmation

Week 4: Meditation: Grounding, Body scans, Visualisations

Live Gatherings: October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th. 7-10pm UK time

Spiral Two: Experimentation

Weeks 5 - 8: Practice groups alongside new learning

After learning the basics of the four pillars you will start your own practice group that will meet weekly, in person or over zoom. 

You will continue to learn new content alongside your practice groups, experimenting, and discovering where your passions lie. This is an opportunity to try things out, get it wrong, and build confidence in holding space.

Week 5: Authentic Connection: Tantric techniques for deepening intimacy

Week 6: Ritual: Wheel of the Year, and other celtic ritual practices

Week 7: Embodiment: Womb wisdom, dance of the seasons, and reclaiming your blood.

Week 8: Meditation: Chakra meditation, and chakra toning

Live Gatherings: November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 7-10pm UK Time

Spiral Three: Leadership and Collaboration

Weeks 9 - 12: Creating circles as a pod to share within the group

Our final spiral is an opportunity for you to collaborate within your pods, decide on a theme, and create a circle for the rest of us to participate in. 

Each circle will be 2.5 hours, leaving 30 minutes for feedback.

This will be an incredible learning experience in collaboration, and a beautiful way of experiencing each other’s work, and the journey we’ve all been on together.

Week 9: Tue 1st Dec: Pod 1 Leads the circle

Week 10: Tue 8th Dec: Pod 2 Leads the circle

Week 11: Tue 15th Dec: Pod 3 Leads the circle

Week 12: Tue 22nd Dec: Pod 4 Leads the circle (Solstice Gathering)

Closing Ceremony

Week 13: Tue 12th Jan, 7-10pm UK Time


What You Receive


  • 12 x 3 hour live zoom sessions

  • 10+ x 10-30 minute videos with content

  • 4+ guided recorded meditations and visualisations

  • 2 x one-to-one hour sessions to discuss your personal offering

  • Training Manual pdf

  • Ritual ideas and structures

  • Access to my playlists for circles

  • Weekly homework activities and rituals

  • Access to private facebook group to share with the group and ask questions

  • Reading list of essential books to develop your practice

  • (lifetime access to all recorded content)

What You Will Gain

Self Empowerment

This training will empower you to be able to hold deep transformational space for people you love, and your wider community. 

Unique Expression

You will develop your own unique offering, that is an authentic expression of who you are, and utilises you passions and gifts.

Community of Leaders

You will be part of an online global network of femme leaders who are committed to empowering others, and creating spaces for growth and healing.

Practical Skills

You will reap the fulfillment of being in greater alignment with your soul purpose, whilst also serving others.

You will have the necessary tools and experience to guide people in:

  • Rituals to mark significant moments in their life - brings meaning, and helps to process challenges as well as celebration

  • Meditations and visualisations - connecting people to their inner worlds

  • Expressing themselves through voice and movement - leads to greater confidence

  • Feeling sensations in the body - leads to a deeper understanding of how we feel, what we want and don’t want. Able to feel more joy and pleasure

  • Expressing emotions - leads to a healthier mind and body

  • Regulate their nervous system - reduces anxiety and boosts immunity

  • Connect authentically with others - reduces anxiety, creates a sense of belonging

  • Speaking Desires and setting boundaries - increases confidence and self worth

Who is This For?


This training is for womxn who are already on a journey of personal growth, and are ready to take the next step, in service to others.

You have probably already been touched by womxn’s spaces, and have been on a path of healing and self discovery. It’s likely you have experienced significant adversary in your life, and you have learnt some valuable lessons that can help others. (Though you certainly haven’t worked through everything, because no one has!)

You resonate with the four pillars, and want to learn more, in a peer support environment, to equip you with the tools you need to create your own offerings. Perhaps you are already offering spaces such as this, and you want more strings to add to your bow.

This training is open to womxn/ femme flavoured folk of all backgrounds, including those identifying as non-binary, trans and cis. If you’re not sure if this is for you, or you have any questions/ concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone call. 


Early Bird: £1800 (Til end of August)
Regular: £2000

I understand that price can be a barrier to some people attending. Discounts and payment plans are available. Please specify if you are applying for a low income place and outline your circumstances in the form (linked below).

How to Apply

To apply for the course you will need to fill out the google form. Try to keep your answers concise and relevant. Once you have been accepted you will be able to pay for your ticket, or set up your payment plan.


Training Manual

Introduction... sneak peak

This is a practical manual for how to design group experiences of transformation. It is a culmination of the most powerful practices I have come across in my journey, and encourages you to get creative in how you put them together.

I will be covering a wide range of topics and practices, giving some background and discussing the practical and spiritual applications of them as I go along. This book is intended to be a ‘how to’ manual that is quick and easy to navigate, rather than a deep analysis.

I will tend to skim concepts fairly lightly, because there is so much great literature on each of these topics already written by experts in the field, that are far more detailed and eloquently written than I could ever do justice. Therefore I encourage you to do your own research in following up on the recommended reading, and attend workshops and retreats in the areas that resonate with you.

The way that I learn is through doing. What I offer to others, and what is taught in this training has come to me through first hand experience. I’ve attended countless workshops, been on meditation retreats, tantra retreats, festivals, psychedelic ceremonies, ecstatic dances, co-created gatherings, ceremonies of other varieties, sound healing training, priestess school and so on. Everywhere I go I discover what resonates with me, what practices have changed, healed or shifted who I am. And from there I can share with authenticity, something that I believe in on an embodied level. 

My Story

The reason I started offering workshops in the first place was because I wanted to share with others what had revolutionised my life. 

In 2015 I discovered my partner of 3 years had been cheating on me with one of my closest friends, and it completely pulled the rug from under my feet. I was in a very dark hole, experiencing an overwhelming amount of grief, anger, confusion and depression. I had already been dabbling in meditation, tantra and learning about celtic ritual and myth, and this was an initiation of fire! I was forced to apply all of the practices I had in my arsenal just to get through the day. 


Not long after this happened I participated in my first conscious sensuality weekend that totally  transformed me. I felt like a turtle that had been cruising around at rock bottom on the ocean floor finally coming up for air.

I learnt more about myself in that one year than the previous 24 put together. I came to truly understand what compassion is, how to be with excruciating emotions, and freed myself of sexual guilt and shame. 



After that I went on a long journey of discovering many practices that have and continue to bring me closer to who I am, with greater awareness, and open me up to love and to life.


My journey of holding space has always been to offer what is alive for me. What is in my heart? What do I need? Most of the themes of my women’s circles have been based on things that I was struggling with at that time. I always try to bring my full self, vulnerabilities laid bare, sharing with others the practices that support me through challenge.


I was scared at first too. It took the support and encouragement of a few dear friends who believed in me, to take the first, cautious, clumsy steps into facilitating groups. I will be forever grateful to Stephen Reid, founder of the Psychedelic Society UK, who planted the seeds of starting a women’s circle, that has now blossomed into this training that you are on! 

You’d be surprised how far a little bit of encouragement can go.

The Invitation


The invitation in this training is to find what resonates most with you, and to deepen your practices in that area so that you can offer with authenticity. You believe in it because you have lived it. People can feel when you believe in your offering, and your belief will create the trust that is needed for others to lean in.


In this sense you realise that this work is not about you at all. It is about the practices. You are a conduit, or a channel for these powerful teachings to come through you, so that others may liberate themselves of their suffering.


Once you realise this your anxiety or self consciousness will naturally fall away, because it is not you on the line. And your ego will be less likely to overinflate also! 

Your job is simply to create and hold the container for people to do their work. You can’t do it for them.

The Four Pillars


I work with many modalities because everyone is different. There is no one way, or one practice that fits all. By working across the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms, we’re getting closer to the core of the wound, and we’re also offering several access points to cater for the diversity of human minds and souls.


I have identified four main pillars of my work:


  1. Authentic Connection: Dropping the masks to allow emotional intimacy.

  2. Ritual: What it means to create a sacred container for transformation.

  3. Embodiment: Expressing and processing through movement and voice.

  4. Meditation: Cultivating a relationship with our inner world.


While in reality these elements flow in and out of each other, it can be helpful to break it down into these categories to teach you the basic building blocks of holistic process design.


My hope with this manual is that it will give you a structure to work with, and the tools you need to be able to creatively design your own rituals and workshops, that carry the flavour of your unique essence. 


You can think of this like a magicians starter pack. I’ll provide the wand, hat, rabbit and deck of cards, and through your own journey you’ll discover many more tricks to add to your magic box. 


The magician tarot card is one that frequently comes to me, and I’m including a little info about it here, because thinking of ourselves as magicians is fun and useful. Working with myth, symbolism and imagery is a powerful way to help us visualise and manifest what we’re working towards, as it wriggles its way into the subconscious layers of the mind. 


The Magician

Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action


The Magician is number 1, (after the Fool number 0) the number of new beginnings and leadership. They stand with one arm up and the other pointing down, bringing the wisdom of the divine into the physical realm. 


On the table in front of them are the four suits of the tarot (like a deck of cards). The pentacle (physical/earth), The Cup (emotional/water), the Sword (mental/air), and The Wand (spiritual/fire). This shows that the magician has full mastery over all of these elements in such a way that the outcome is greater than the sum of its parts.


The Magician is a master manifestor, and this card represents skill and the ability to use your gifts to create action in the world, bringing to life all your heart desires. 


Why are we like the magician? Because we are learning to masterfully wield the four elements to create a cauldron for transformation. Aka magic!


We can think of the four pillars in relation to this card:


Authentic Connection: The Cup, Emotional, Water

Ritual: The Wand, Spiritual, Fire

Embodiment: The Pentacle, Physical, Earth

Meditation: The Sword, Mental, Air 

Wishing you a magical and meaningful adventure… May you spread your wings, and scatter the seeds of your gifts far and wide, all across these lands.