Week 8

Week 1: Sharing Circle 101
Visualisation Meditations

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The Power of Visualisation

Using visualisation meditations as part of your circle can be a great way for your participants to explore an issue in depth. It gives people the opportunity to contact the subconscious part of themselves, the part that speaks in symbols, images and feelings. 


Visualisations, when done well, can help participants arrive at new revelations, uncover lost memories, and discover their own wisdom within. 


Many of these ‘aha’ moments cannot be reached through the conscious mind, that likes to work things out systematically, and with logic. The unconscious is more symbolic. Images, memories and sensations may appear in random order, a bit like a dream, which can then be deciphered for meaning later.

The power of this practice is that participants discover something on their own. There is sovereignty in knowing that the power of one's own mind holds the keys to our healing.

Applications for Visualisation

  • Contacting younger versions of ourselves

This may be helpful to bring love into a past memory in which we felt isolated or trapped


  • Contacting our future self

To ask for guidance and wisdom. To vision what the highest version of our lives could look like, and to understand what we truly desire


  • Cultivating certain emotional states

Gratitude and compassion meditations are amazing for elevating one's mental state, especially when done as a regular practice. I will often use a visualization in preparation for an anger release to bring to the surface repressed rage.


  • To speak with and reconcile with various characters or voices in your mind

Somewhat based on Parts Therapy, also known as Family Systems Therapy, this practice is useful for acknowledging parts of ourselves that we repress. We often have multiple voices, with contradictory narratives, that can leave us feeling very confused. Getting acquainted with these voices and learning how to love and navigate them is another road to sovereignty and wholeness.


  • Create a sense of safety and grounding

I will often use visualisation at the end of an intense experience to help people to land and emotions to settle. These range from the ‘inner sanctum’ meditation (taking people on a journey to find a room within themselves where they are at complete peace) to feeling roots anchoring them to the earth, to visualising a blue light cleansing your whole body.


These are a few ways broad applications for visualisations, if you really get in to them you can make them as creative and mystical as you like, and use them for more specific purposes

Force Field of Love
Force Field of LoveArtist Name
00:00 / 19:22

The music backing this meditation is called: 111 hz Breath of Life by Maneesh de Moor

It uses the sound frequency of 111 hz, also known as the 'holy frequency'. This frequency is said to switch your brain from left (thinking/rational) over to right (creative/intuitive).

I learnt this meditation from a powerful Shaman healer woman in Mexico. She passed it on to me to protect me from becoming overwhelmed by other people's energies.

I recommend doing this one outside under and open sky, with bare feet on the earth, for best results.

Inner Sanctum
Inner SanctumArtist Name
00:00 / 22:51

The music for this one is called 396hz Eradicates Guilt and Fear, by Meditative Mind.

396hz is associated with the Root Chakra, and is a powerful frequency for dissolving fear and guilt, and coming into a place of tranquility and safety. 

Once you've been to your Inner Sanctum, you can return at any time. It's a sanctuary just for you.

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