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Week 5

Week 1: Sharing Circle 101
Intimacy Exercises

Download the PDF for Intimacy Exercises

What's this all about?

These practices are designed to deepen one's relationship to self, and to others. If we can’t connect with ourselves, it’s very challenging to connect to other people. With these exercises it’s important to keep guiding people into noticing what they’re experiencing in their body, so as not to get caught in the stories of the mind.


I learnt most of these techniques through conscious sensuality/ tantra retreats and events. 


They encourage honesty, vulnerability and self awareness, which leads to greater feelings of openness, sensitivity, receptivity, belonging and acceptance. 


They help us to explore our emotional worlds, often bringing to the surface challenging emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, anger, or grief, to be witnessed in a held space. Through revealing ourselves, and being met with acceptance from others, this can instigate a healing process, within which we learn to accept ourselves more fully.


There are hundreds of these exercises. These are the ones I most frequently use in my work for their simplicity and effectiveness.