Week 3

Week 1: Sharing Circle 101
Embodied Facilitation

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Why Embodiment?

Bringing an element of embodiment is helpful to almost every group or individual process. After all, we are existing within this human meat jacket 100% of the time. Our mental, emotional and physical states are completely wrapped up in each other, and so working with the body and voice enables us to go much deeper into any theme we’re working with.

Applications for Embodiment

Here are a few ways in which embodiment can be used to support a group practice:


  • Relaxation: When we’re stressed we tend to also be tight in our muscles. Most commonly the jaw, neck and shoulders. Engaging in movement such as self message or shaking is a brilliant way to relax these muscles, as our muscles relax, so do our minds.

  • Presence: Many of us live very busy complex lives, and a lot of our waking life is spent in our heads, thinking about the past or the future. We need to be present within a circle to actually get the most out of it. When everyone is present the difference is palpable. Meditation is also a great way to get people into a state of presence. With movement and voice we are engaging with our senses (touch and sound) in a visceral way, which makes it easier to come into the present moment.

  • Energising: Sometimes after a check in, you’ll sense that the group energy is low, you can bring the group into a more coherent state of alertness through stimulating the body through rubbing, tapping and high energy exercises such as shaking, dancing, breath of fire or running around a room.

  • Breaking the Ice: Bringing play and humour into your workshops will do wonders for helping the group relax, getting the ‘buy in’ from participants, and bringing a sense of lightness and energy to the group. There are many group and partner games you can include that will achieve this very efficiently. Laughter is one of the most effective forms of releasing stress and anxiety, as well as building trust. 

  • Insight: Sometimes we understand things on a conscious level, but not on a subconscious level, or within our bodies, and therefore we haven’t fully integrated the thing we’re working with. Bringing an embodied element into the main part of your ritual helps your subconscious mind to understand that something is changing and shifting. (and the subconscious is the one that’s really running the show)

  • Releasing: Using movement and voice to let out blocked or stuck emotions. This can be used at any point in a session if tension needs to be defused, or as the ‘meat’ of your workshop, such as an ecstatic dance.

Heart Flower Meditation
Heart FlowerGaia Harvey Jackson
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This meditation is to help you tune in to your divine power and soul mission.

The music is Gently Floating Towards the Luminosity by Yoyu.

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