Week 2

Week 1: Sharing Circle 101
Fundamentals of Ritual

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What is a Ritual?

A ritual is to declare an intention to honour something in our lives. 


A ritual lifts someone out of their everyday experience, and brings them into a world that exists in a liminal space. It has a clearly marked beginning and end, with some kind of peak experience in the middle that catalyses a shift in the person. 


Tools such as drumming, dancing or guided visualisation are often used to bring someone into an altered state of consciousness that is ripe territory for transformation. 


Rituals work in the symbolic realm, and thus speak to our subconscious in a way that rational thought cannot. Through embodiment and symbolism we’re able to bring about a more real sense of change that helps people to process and integrate whatever the intention of the ritual was.

The Arc of Transformation
Ritual Examples
Baby Blessing Way
Bridal Blessing
Noisily Opening Ceremony
For Noisily Festival
Fire Ceremony
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Existential Kink Meditation
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This meditation is based on Existential Kink and Letting Go Practices.

The music is called Awakening by Jonathon Goldman. I love his music for ritual and meditation.

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