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Slow Dating

Whether you are looking for your partner in crime, a juicy lover, or someone who sparks your curiosity, Slow Dating will inspire deeper intimacy, real conversation, and a whole lotta fun.

“Juicy. Gorgeous. Heart opening.”

“Both light and deep at the same time!”

“Love the community it creates and the souls it attracts.”

​Slow Dating?

Speed dating offers the chance to meet many new people at once, but it rarely gives us the opportunity to really drop in together. In our desire to impress others we often put on a persona, rather than showing up as we are.

We advocate the virtue of slowness: taking your sweet time to arrive, connect, and follow your desires. By slowing down you become more sensitive to the chemistry arising, and are more likely to follow your instincts to find genuine connections that are right for you.

On the night
  • We’ll break the ice with fun warm up games to relax into the evening. 

  • We’ll gently guide you through a series of connection exercises to get beneath the surface.

  • We’ll dive into intimate questions you’ve always wanted to ask, so you can skip the small talk.

  • Laughter and silliness

  • Fun connection games

  • Deep conversations

  • Falling in love, just a little bit.

Whether you meet the love of your life or simply nourish your heart with meaningful exchanges, you’ll leave feeling enriched, intrigued and inspired.

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