If you wish to go deeper on your journey of self discovery and healing I offer one-to-one sessions that are tailored specifically to you. I work intuitively with a wide variety of modalities, and together we work out what it is you want to work on, and what practices will help you most at this time.

These sessions are intended to support you to build a relationship between your mind and body so that they can work together in harmony. 

If you are working through very challenging experiences I highly recommend you combine these sessions with talking therapy.

Some of the main practices I use are:

  • Guided Meditations and Visualisations - good for calming the nervous system, getting in touch with the body, re sensitisation, mindfulness, contacting your inner child, identifying and working with challenging emotions, manifestation, and many other things.

  • Voice work - focusing on unblocking the chakra or energy system. This work is very powerful for increasing confidence, self expression, identifying and shifting blockages, increasing energy, and getting in touch with your body and emotions.

  • Intuitive Movement - working with the body to find it's authentic expression, release stored emotions, listening to the wisdom of the body, self expression, empowerment.

  • Body Work - good for calming the nervous system, grounding, de-armoring, releasing emotions, re-sensitising the body.

  • Intuitive Sound Healing - using a 32" symphonic gong, ceremony drum, Tibetan singing bowls, and voice. Good for relaxation and visioning.

  • Ritual - working with you to create a container to process challenging moments in your life. Helps you to find peace and closure, or help you to prepare for a change in your life. This could be letting something go through a process of meditation, writing and burning, or burying. It could be a ritual to call something in, through visualisation and singing or chanting. This could take place inside or in nature. Every ritual will be completely different.

If you're interested in a one-to-one session please send me an email and we will arrange for a free consultation either over the phone or face to face.

Sessions start from £40 an hour. Most sessions will need to be 2 hours long to be able to go deep enough into the practice. Concessions are available on request.

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