About Me

I am a facilitator and artist focusing on women’s empowerment, ecstatic dance and authentic connection.

My mission is to help others find their authentic expression, and deepen their understanding of self through creative embodiment.

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”

Women's Circle Participant, 2018


I weave together many different practices in a unique style that is both playful and deep, creating a container in which people can push their boundaries and free themselves of limitation and conditioning.

I work with movement, dance, voice work, meditation, tantric practices and ritual as modes for transformation.

Gaia and Ronan guided and joined our community in Kenya on a journey from the wilds of the ecstatic, to the depths of the inner self. Their presence in our lives was transformative, and I speak on behalf of myself and my community when I say that we carry the seeds they planted, the sparks they lit, within us still. 

Alexandra Rhs, Participant, Kenya 2018


In May 2017 I founded the Psychedelic Women’s Circle. Since then I have developed a number of popular workshops including Rave Ritual, Slow Dating, Window to the Soul and Awakening the Wild Woman. 

I joined The Psychedelic Society in 2017 and have been instrumental in developing the London events programme and community alongside an incredible team of collaborators. 

I work with Noisily Festival co-curating the Mind, Body, Soul area, and devising the opening ceremonies.

As usual, a supercharged, beautifully emotional and intimate evening hosted by Gaia. This evening's theme was particularly healing and poignant. Thank you for holding this space, you create something truly special, uniquely magic, and inspiring with every circle. 

Lauren, Participant 2019


My background is in performance art and interactive theatre, graduating from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2012.


I was an associate artist of Theatre Delicatessen, and founder of a much loved cabaret-gameshow; ‘Are You Game’, as well as walkabout goddess troupe ‘Sanga Sanga’.

Other organisations I have worked with include Morning Gloryville, Togetherness, Alter Ego Network, Kilifi New Year Festival Kenya, Pinky Promise and Midwifing the Veils.

I feel infinite gratitude to Gaia for sharing her tools and energy. I highly recommend Gaia's sessions to those whose intention is to reach breakthrough in using energy, deepening their connection with their body and soul, as well as to experience 'oneness' for a glimpse or longer.

Annamaria, Participant


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Harvey Jackson